Our Mission: At Protein Architects Corporation, we design proteins to detect and protect against viral threats.

The Problem: In the diagnostic space, we solve problems of slow assays, persistent false positives, new viral strains, and high limits of detection with our patent pending technology, One Shot DecoynosticsTM.

Our Solution: By using a decoy protein for the viral receptor, we specifically bind to virus particles or fragments of virus particles, and guarantee viral variants will bind . Our One Shot DecoynosticsTM fluoresce strongly when bound to the viral proteins, and weakly when in solution. Once samples are collected, dozens of assays can be completed in 1-2 seconds. The specific binding and simple design reduce chances of long term false positives.

Decoy drawn from human receptor protein – when it binds to the viral receptor binding domain it becomes fluorescent

Decoys decorate surface of micron scale beads – velcro like effect to enhance binding to virus. When virus binds, fluorescence is possible.